So some steps have been taken and I just wanna document it 🙂

Firstly, we’ve got a newsletter. This way, if you don’t wanna be part of the  Facebook group or give us your number, all you really need to do is just check your e-mail. To sign up, click the link: http://wordpress.us5.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=95f062cf1dd6bcb776be89169&id=2eea2d2efe

Next, we’ve got some really big names in interface and design helping us along the way 🙂 We’d like to send special thanks to Ideum (http://www.ideum.com/) and the NUI Group (http://nuigroup.com/go/lite) for all their help.

And finally, some updates regarding the organization of the group. We finally have an advisor, Dr. Susan Friedman (thanks to her!). As of now, Kareem and I are teaching ourselves how to program in the necessary languages as well.

And now for the part where I ask you guys for help haha. We need people willing to program in Kivy, Python, and C++. We need people who are interested in making apps and people interested in helping organize the framework Kareem and I have settled on as well. And lastly, we need a time that’s good for everyone to meet (this doesn’t even take much work, just e-mail times you’re free :P).

But yeah, enough asking haha. For the times, just e-mail your availability to LatentThought@gmail.com or kjg0003@uah.edu. Thanks guys!